Foot problem affects both men and women equally but today we will focus on some of the foot problems that most commonly affect women in their daily life.

The Fallen Arches:

The foot & its shape say a lot about a person. The shape of the feet has major impact on our health and it reflects in our posture also. The normal shape demands an arch under your feet or planter surface between the heel and ball of the foot. We may or may not notice this until we suffer from a foot pain that comes from slowly fallen arch of the foot. In women, this condition is common because of the wrong selection of fashion shoes. Buying proper orthotics and shoes with adequate and accurate arch support can prevent this condition.

Bunions in feet:

When the big toe is forced diagonally into the other toe it creates a painful bump called bunion. Wearing high heels forces the feet to develop bunion by putting it in an unnatural shape. This is the reason that the bunion is majorly a woman’s problem. Surgery is required to take care of the lump and to realign the toe by metal pins. There is another way to control it by wearing custom orthotic shoes with proper insoles. That supports and comforts the feet from all aspects.

Corns Calluses Blisters:

Due to all day long pressure and friction, the thickness of the skin on the foot increases and that creates corns & calluses.

As a result of walking, calluses form under the foot’s plantar surface or bottom of the foot. They may cause problems and untreated corns and calluses make the skin vulnerable to cracking and developing infection.

Corns may also develop on the top of toes and are painful. Uncomfortable footwear can incubate corns. Wearing supported or padded footwear can be beneficial for women to get rid of corns and calluses. If the condition is at an advanced stage, meet a podiatrist. Using warm water to wash the foot and applying foot cream can be very beneficial.

Blisters are similar to the corns and develop due to friction of foot with footwear. Covering them with medicated tape or cream can fix them although women should not ignore them and leave them untreated.