Prepare Your Feet for Pandal Hopping in Durga Puja

The festival time is nearing & this Durga Puja before you go for Pandal hopping and lose yourself in the wave of festivity, prepare your feet first, so that foot pain will not be able to stop you. Continuous walking without rest and standing in the long queues for hours will make your feet stiff and painful. So, let’s see if we can get rid of these foot problems during Durga Puja.

If you walk for more than 30 minutes every day then your feet are seasoned but still, your overworked feet can ask you to stop and that is something you would never want during the festival.

If you do not have regular walking practice then get up and walk. Start 2 months earlier and practice walking, first 10 minutes, then maximize it up to 1 hour.

Shoes & Socks:
New shoes are the part of Puja fashion, keeping them in the box until the day has come is what we do but not this time. Take them out, wear it and walk to feel discomfort areas, painful blisters may appear on those areas due to friction with new, unseasoned footwear. Use lubricant on the foot and medication if blisters are showing, heal them and your footwear is ready for Pandal hopping.

Select cotton socks, or fabrics than can allow your feet to breathe while walking for a long time.

Foot Measurement:
When did you check your feet last time? Take proper measurement of your feet before buying shoes. A finely adjusted footwear will give you more comfort. Go to the podiatrist for a full feet checkup, a foot doctor can help you select appropriate footwear for prolonged walking and standing.

Custom Insoles:
Custom insoles provide comfort while walking and helpful in reducing pressure on the plantar surface of the feet. Silicon insoles are available everywhere these days, buying them is like buying a readymade suit without your measurement. Always visit a foot clinic for accurate foot orthotics and customized insoles, where a thorough examination will determine what exactly your feet need and what insole you need for the upcoming festival.

Care More:
Always keep your feet dry while walking. Always wear dry socks and shoes. After Pandal hopping wash your feet in warm water and apply moisturizer. Apply crack repairing cream if required.

Our feet and leg muscles need to rest after a heavy walking day, use footrest while sitting or put a pillow under knees while sleeping.

Do some easy stretch exercises before and after walking, roll a towel and place it under your foot while sitting on a chair, back straight and roll it with your feet. Grab your foot fingers and slowly stretch them upward, or backward.

With healthy feet enjoy Pandal hopping during Durga Puja, not let the pain stop you in the middle. Best wishes to everyone.