Athletic Foot Care for Kids

If you are the parent of an active child, you already know that nothing can stop your kid. A foot pain must not stop them and they won’t stop for sure. Let us discuss athletic foot care for kids.

To avoid injuries is a good policy

Kids tend to heal faster but they are not invincible! Here we are pointing out some ways you help your kids maintain healthy, pain-free feet and ankle.

Take your kids to a podiatrist before for a pre-season foot checkup.

Before the beginning of next season take your kids to the podiatrist or foot doctor, even if everything is fine with your kids but still the doctor may identify something that needs attention. It means your kids are ready to play but you will be better ready to handle that risk easily.

Manage the right pair of shoes for your kids.

Children must have an appropriate pair for athletic activities as well as skates, cleats, etc. You can also go for custom athletic shoes instead of readymade shoes. These custom insoles and shoes are designed to handle all physical harshness of the sports the kid will be participating in. To make the right shoes you can take your kids to a foot clinic for full foot assessment. Only a podiatrist can provide you the right pair of shoes, and remember you need by your kids some pairs of corrects socks also.

Get them multiple pairs of athletic shoes, so that you can sun dry every pair of the shoe after one use, if they play sports day after day in the same pair of shoes, kids will start experiencing difficulties.

Change old shoes

You need to check and replace old shoes worn by your kids so that your kids can enjoy proper required grip and shock absorption. Don’t buy or get them old used pairs of shoes to avoid fungus infections as well as utter discomfort. Also, check threads of shoes.

Motivate your kids to play different games

Participating in the same sports can make your kids exhausted and emotionally burnt. This is not good for the physical health also. Continuous pressure and too much stress on the same muscle groups and body parts can cause, many problems. If the kid is very much fond of any single sports you can still encourage him or her to do exercises like swimming, riding a bicycle, etc.

Educate your kids to maintain good hygiene

Athletic kids are very much prone to athlete’s foot and problems like warts, an ingrown toenail can be added to that list too. Make sure your little champ is washing feet every day. Trim their toenails from time to time without cutting too short or rounding the corner. Also, ask your kids to change socks and shoes when they feel sweaty. Wearing a pair of sandals at home is also a good practice.

Always monitor your kids for any sign of pain or discomfort

It can happen that even after your excellent effort your kid develops a painfull ankle and foot injury. A few problems like an ankle sprain or a broken bone can still happen for some obvious reasons but if the pain is due to overuse of your foot like heel pain or shin splints we need to pay attention. It may not be noticeable or maybe your smart kid hiding it from you. And if the kid is complaining about foot and ankle pain the pain is unbearable. Your constant vigilance to capture any symptoms like limping, slowing down, or taking a break from activities, etc.