Do You Suffer From Driver’s Foot?

Some days you may feel like your whole day passes you by in the car. If you live in commuter cities, such as Mumbai or Delhi this may very well be the case.But if you look at the latest database of Numbeo, a website that collects global statistics including costs of living, crime rates and pollution indices, among others, you come face to face with reality and that is seeing three Indian cities in the top 10. The cities include Mumbai, Pune and Kolkata. It takes a person an average of 66.18 minutes to reach his/her destination in Mumbai, 60.82 minutes in Pune and 58 minutes in Kolkata. There are other cities too in the list. Bangalore is in 19th place, Coimbatore in 21st and Delhi in 23rd, Hyderabad in 25th, and Chennai in 49th.

Along with the headache of sitting in traffic comes Driver’s Foot, a foot pain condition caused by driving. Driver’s foot is a common foot problem, with experienced drivers, as well as new drivers. Pain is usually felt in the heel of the foot, across the big toe, or the ball of your foot near the big toe. Traffic can make this pain worse, as you may have to hold your foot in a certain position for a longer period of time.

Pain in the ball of your foot:

This pain is felt more where your foot meets the pedal. Constantly having to push down on the pedal can worsen your pain and cause bursitis and even bruise your toe bones. The type of shoes you wear while driving can also cause pain to the ball of your foot. Women wearing high-heeled shoes are more likely to suffer. Wearing a gel-padded insole will help to lessen the pain.

Pain in the heels of your foot:

Heels can become bruised and painful when you drive, as the heel is usually rested on the floor. The rocking motion of applying gas or the brake can enhance your chances of feeling pain. Wearing different shoes may help lessen the pain felt in your heels. For example, a pair of sneakers has a more cushioned heel area. However, if your heel pain continues even when you aren’t driving, this could be a sign of plantar fasciitis. If this is the case, contact your nearest foot specialist.

Pain on the top of your feet:


This pain is usually due to the tension of holding the pedals in certain places or for a long period of time. Having to push down on pedals that are too hard to push can also cause pain on the top of your foot. On the plus side, the pain felt is only temporary and quickly goes away after you walk. Flexing your feet muscles and rotating your feet in circles is a good way to shake off the pain. Even better, buy an automatic!