Can a Tennis Ball Relieve Your Foot Pain?


The ATP World Tour, the tennis tournament, may have started, but how can a tennis ball solve your foot pain? It may seem odd to relate the two, but using a tennis ball can actually help to soothe some of your foot pain. Not everyone’s schedule allows them to go for a foot massage or a pedicure to loosen up tight muscles. However, using something as easy as a tennis ball, right in your own home, is a great and easy way to get a massage.

Our feet handle every single movement and whether we are barefoot or in the correct shoes, our feet sure do go through a lot of wear and tear. Over time the ligaments and tendons in our feet become weaker, which may cause foot pain. With this deterioration comes increased pressure and effort to even move the foot. The ligament running along the bottom of the foot is called the Plantar Fascia and is one of the most common sources of pain. This ligament acts as the pathway from your brain into the muscles; therefore, if it becomes inflamed or torn, major pain is felt, especially when walking.


This is where our trusty tennis ball comes into play. A super cheap method used in the “self-massage” concept, even if you do have foot pain! Follow these steps using your tennis ball to relieve your foot pain –

• Place the ball at the front of your foot
• Push down on the ball and roll it back and forth along the sole
• Continue applying pressure to the ball, rolling it back and forth
• Take a seat and roll the ball upwards, from your heel to your calf

If the “self-massage” concept doesn’t work for you, and your foot pain is unbearable, we can help in relieving your foot pain!